Excerpt from Louis Calaferte's "The Violet Blood of the Amethyst"

   Excerpt from Louis Calaferte's "The Violet Blood of the Amethyst"

Sea-smooth palm of the hand.
    Musically in tune with the sun.
    Does what I scoop up of you in the hollow of my hand take away from
your vastness, your weight?
    Who is that other person who, on one of your other shores, at this very 
moment, vends down and takes up this handful of water?
    Sea- common knowledge.

               from The Violet Blood of the Amethyst, by Louis Calaferte
                                 translated from the french by John Taylor

(I wish I could type it in the french for you as well but I don't know how to put all the accents in and I don't want to ruin it. Hopefully soon I will have my accents.)