Behaving Differently
3:00 PM15:00

Behaving Differently

Behaving Differently is a bicoastal group show bringing together artists from across the country to respond to the question, what is a painting? Historically a painting has been categorized within the simple definition of a practice of applying paint, pigment or color to a solid surface. However, contemporary painting is now challenging categories and traditions of two dimensionality. Behaving Differently is an investigation of how and why something is or is not a painting. Come decide for yourself and see work by artists from Florida, North Carolina, New York, Wyoming, California and Washington. 

Opening Reception: Saturday June 2nd from 4 to 9 PM at Plank Gallery

Featured Artists:

Alex Connelly -
Andrew Wakefield -
Annieo Klaas -
Carmen Neely -
Dale Castellucci -
Elizabeth Arzani -
Joshua Thompson -
Junko Yamamoto -
Luke Armitstead -
Lydia J. Goldbeck -
Rich Stevens -
Richelle Soper -
Robin Green -
Stephanie Sherwood -

Work on view through July 21st by Appointment

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Paint Ellensburg -auction to support Gallery One
4:30 PM16:30

Paint Ellensburg -auction to support Gallery One

Gallery One will hold a day of arts that includes their signature Paint Ellensburg art auction with food, friends and wine; a walking historic tour of downtown Ellensburg; and free art demonstrations. Celebrate our community, buy some art and support Gallery One!

My painting "Field of Planes" will be a part of the auction. Get there early and get your bids in!

Dinner and Auction – Honoring Don O’Connor
Saturday, September 23

Doors open and silent auction at 4:30pm, dinner and live auction at 6:30pm at CWU’s Sue Lombard Hall, 400 E University Way
This one-of-a-kind art happening will include:

  • Contemporary art from exhibiting, retail and member artists of Gallery One
  • Specialty items, packages, dinners and getaways
  • Live music and cocktails
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Exhibiting at BRAIN FREEZE Gallery
to Oct 4

Exhibiting at BRAIN FREEZE Gallery

I am currently exhibiting new and old work at BRAIN FREEZE, a new gallery in the old Lusty Lady straight across from the SAM. Four of my 'memory cloth' works are for sale there and they go really well with the brick walls, colored lights, and hanging plastic sheets in the large space. BRAIN FREEZE is also selling giclee prints of my newest painting "Green Tea" which is a prologue to a series of 6 teabag paintings I am currently working on. The gallery exhibits lots of work from other emerging artists in the Seattle area as well as a large inventory of designer clothing from brands like FEMAIL. I would love it if you came and check it out, its an eclectic and visually delicious gallery.

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Needles and Thread
to Apr 29

Needles and Thread

Textile group exposition at Gallery One in Ellensburg, WA. 

A National Fiber Show
juried by Mandy Greer

Featuring works by:
Ivonne Acero, Andrea Alonge, Mayumi Amada, Sally Anaya, Maggie Avolio, Diana Baumbach, Andrea Beck, Diane Bronstein, Daphne Cuadrado, Deb Curtis, Sara Drower, Connor Dyer, Kelly Fleek, Jacquelyn Galbraith, Anne Greenwood Rioseco, Sarah Haven, Kiana Honarmand, Lexie Johnson, Katt Kelly, Philippe Kim, Annie Klaas, Kandy Lopez, Heather Macali, Elysia Mann, Jennifer Mcnelly, Amy Meissner, Chris Motley, Miriam Omura, Ajean Ryan, Heather Scholl, Rowen Schussheim-Anderson, Julia Tatiyatrairong, Kim Tepe, Donimique Vitali, Ani Volkan, Ny Wetmore, Emily White

Juror’s Statement:   

I am a working artist, so I know all too well the vulnerability of submitting work to be judged.  I know the disappointment of not getting in, and how it wounds. But also how it can make us reconsider our perspective, and also become even stronger advocates for our own vision of our work. So I juried this show with the tender hearts of hard-working artists in mind. I literally could have kept twice as many works in, I loved so many and felt pleasure in getting to see what people are making. But the parameters of the show made me edit, and with all editing, a more concise story begins to emerge. I didn’t select work in an academic way, but as a pleasure-seeker, as someone who loves what the human hand can make and say, and express that words can’t.  There is beauty, yes, but also anger, a will to be heard, a will to be seen even at our lowest.

As a conceptual artist whose own beginnings are grounded in traditional craft pottery, particularly Japanese folk pottery and the philosophy of Wabi-sabi, I gravitate to works that are not necessarily about a perfection in craft technique, but what the essence of craft means; a deeply passionate engagement with materials that transcends what is proper and correct. The story, the will of the individual voice is what pulls me in. I gravitate to the underdog, the freaks and geeks, the weirdos, those who know the shadow and make their own light, despite all odds. I chose many works that act as a mirror for us all, or that might be speaking to just a few, offering comfort as if to say “I see you, I am like you too.”

Fiber and cloth are some of the human animal’s oldest technologies, technologies that are built to last and are still important, thousands of years after they were invented. Cloth and the things we make with it shows our will to survive, to stay warm, to comfort with a blanket, to sail into the unknown with full sails, to adorn ourselves with intricate beauty showing off the infinite in the human imagination. Cloth is about softness, and the domestic, and also about resiliency and invention. Thank you for allowing me to see the threads in everyone’s work, and pull together a picture of this moment in time.

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Folding Reverberation: Unfolded Resonance
6:00 PM18:00

Folding Reverberation: Unfolded Resonance

Curated by Chelsea Rodinio 

Presented by Generations 

go to Facebook event here

An immersive evening of visual art, sound installations and performances on this, inauguration day, to create community, connectivity, and gathering space.

Bobbie Brandon
Ian Cunningham
Annieo Klaas
Annisa Amalia
Alexis L Silva
Caite Mae Ramos
Jess Jordan
Alana Čuturilo
Nick Bartoletti

Bloom Offering



Poster designs by Nino Mascorella

$5 - $15 donation to benefit NW Justice Project ::

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Utopia Neighborhood Club
to Mar 4

Utopia Neighborhood Club

Presented by Jacob Lawrence Gallery

Opening  January 10, 5-8pm

Annieo Klaas and Diego Suarez collaborative segment of exhibition: January 24-28

go to Facebook event here

In honor of the 100-year anniversary of Jacob Lawrence’s birth, we are pleased
to announce the opening of Utopia Neighborhood Club, a series of highly-participatory exhibitions and programs meant to generate ideas about our potential new space and future mission. As a young teen, Jacob Lawrence took some of his first art classes at Utopia Neighborhood Club, an organization that provided social services to the underserved in Harlem during the early part of the 20th-century. Breaking that name down, “club” hopes to explore the role of the Gallery in relation to its most immediate audience—students, faculty, and staff of the School of Art + Art History + Design; “neighborhood” will interrogate the Gallery’s place in community and regional contexts; and “utopia” will attempt to project the Gallery and its programming into the future to envision a more universal or ideal place of exchange. The series is a unique opportunity for many voices to freely imagine what a university gallery should be, unencumbered by traditional concerns about what it cannot possibly be.

Curated by: Nadia Ahmed (Art History + 3D4M undergraduate), Sarah G. Faulk (Art History undergraduate), Anqi Peng (IVA BA 2016), and Gallery Director Scott Lawrimore.

With art by School faculty: David Brody, Rebecca Cummins, Ann Gale, Ellen Garvens, Philip Govedare, Tad Hirsch, Denzil Hurley, Aaron Flint Jamison, Doug Jeck, Curt Labitzke, Jacob Lawrence, Zhi Lin, Amie McNeel, Helen O’Toole, Michael Swaine, Timea Tihanyi, Jamie Walker, and Mark Zirpel.

Alongside ideas by: Cesar Cornejo, Andrea Fraser, Theaster Gates, Stefano Harney, Fredric Jameson, Allan Kaprow, Mary Kelly, Sir Thomas More, Fred Moten, Michelangelo Pistolleto, William Pope.L, Yvonne Rainer, Martha Rosler, and others.


An ongoing body of the research generated from this series will be presented in the Gallery's Research Room over the next four months and published in various forms over the academic year. In addition, thanks to the generous donation of rare books by Seattle art doyenne Robin Held, the Gallery is also pleased to announce the launching of its Research Library that will be open to students, faculty, staff, and the public by appointment.

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Memory Cloth
to Jul 3

Memory Cloth

Presented by Annie's Art and Frame at the Ballard artwalk.

For her most recent series, ‘memory cloth’, Klaas collects scraps of found or used fabric and pieces them together into fragile quilt like objects that reference both pillows and paintings. Allowing only additive or mending processes (no cutting or tearing), she responds to a sense of what the scraps would like to be and to which other pieces they would like to be connected. In the same sense that clothing covers the vulnerability of human nakedness while also presenting an identity of the wearer, the shapes of fabric in the ‘memory cloth’ pieces are present in their own identities, showing evidence of wear and absorption. ‘Memory cloth’ was hosted on Vignettes’ instagram gallery, “Vignettes Weekender” June 3-5, investigating Instagram's ability to record a temporal space by documenting the quilts  in her home alongside her bed linens, carpets, and other intimate surroundings.


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4:00 PM16:00


  • Hutch Research Center, R. Arnold Building, Atrium (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


Opening Reception:
Friday, September 11 - 4:00-6:00 pm

All Are Welcome!

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Robert M. Arnold Building - Atrium
1100 Fairview Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109

.light refreshments - wine - cucumber water.
.free parking available in any "Visitor" slot in front of the Arnold Bldg.
.last stop on N bound SLUT - 10 min ride from Cornish/Whole Foods stop.


Fatima Al Khuzaei, Debra Betz, Shyla Carter-Braxtan, Kristen Cheely, Brigitte d'Autremont, Emily Epperson, Savannah Filson, Simon Gifford, Kristian Gursli,

Pralhad Gurung, Bristol Hayward-Hughes, Jason Hess, Jade Highleyman, Kaylee Jacobson, Jenny Jun, Amy Kim, Michael King, Annieo Klaas, Lauren Koo, Ryan Lofftus, Lauren Macdonald, Zoe Maddalena, Sean McNally, Sonya Metcalfe, David Nelson, Mariah Nystrom, Carlene Page, Caitlin Ramos, Ashleigh Robb, Chelsea Rodino, Shayne Ryan, Madisen Schorno, Marissa Sohn, Alaina Stocker, Makenzie Stone, Aiko Szymczak, Justin Tager, Alyssa Tanner, Amelia Traut, Toby Warren, Megan Wyma

Exhibition on display through May 2016. 

Exhibition Managers:
Dave Nelson & Mariah Nystrom

Noah Liu

For more information please contact Exhibition Curator: 
Bonnie Biggs, Professor, Art Program, Cornish College of the Arts

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Painted Full of Tongues
to Sep 6

Painted Full of Tongues

  • Cornish College of the Arts (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Painted Full of Tongues: An Examination of Rumor in Community

Join us for an interdisciplinary, immersive experience that explores themes about the social dynamic of community including rumor/gossip, as well as communal love/loyalty. This is a guided experience that takes place over six floors of the new Cornish Commons building as part of this year's orientation week.
Featuring the talents of recent alumni
Riley Shanahan- Producer

Kendra Lee- Producer and Director
Annieo Klaas- Artistic Director
Jenna Vershen- Writer
Harriette Dunn-Feliz- Gabby
Rory Eaden -Damien
Evan Price -Stage Manager
Poster by Caite Mae Ramos

Friday September 4th: 8pm
Saturday September 5th: 8pm
Sunday September 6th: 2pm *Alumni Performance


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"The Locals" artists' reception
4:00 PM16:00

"The Locals" artists' reception

You are invited to join artists Marissa Sohn and Annieo Klaas for a reception celebrating the installation of their mural "The Locals" commissioned by Newmark Realty Capitol.

The mural is made up of four vertical panels, each with a photo that Marissa Sohn has created from the event posters all around capitol hill, and stained and painted by Annieo Klaas to emphasize the colors and shapes of the water damage on the posters from the Seattle rain. We wanted to record those posters in celebration of the vibrant arts culture that has been so integral to the development of the neighborhood. Capitol Hill has become a trendy place to live because of this rich history, so we felt that the mural should honor that history by documenting it in hopes that the new incoming residents will be inspired to contribute as much to the neighborhood as those before them.

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Letters to Myself
to Aug 31

Letters to Myself

  • Beverly Hunnicutt Studio (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Presented by Beverly Hunnicutt Studio and featured in the Queen Anne Artwalk. Opening reception for the first iteration is June 6 from 4-7pm at Beverly Hunnicutt Studio. Second iteration on view July 18 through the end of August, with an opening on August 1st, from 4-7pm. Hours: Wed- Fri: 10-5pm, Sat: 10-4pm

An exhibition questioning the relationship between the artist and the artwork. Inspired by Kandinsky’s theory of the picture plane, Klaas makes textile-based work that reflects on the intimate art-making process. Since the artwork has no ability to object or consent to any actions she takes towards it, she asks what her relationship to the artwork actually is.                                           


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